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Googlebot not rescanning my website

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I have a secret keyword in my site ( 63019517aps ) that when I enter it in google search my site is not found by google. This tells me that googlebot has not scanned my site since I entered a resume page. I tried the google and at first it said robots.txt was not right and that googlebot could not access my site. Without really changing anything now the webmaster tools says everything is ok but still cannot find secret word. the website is: . Any help you could give me in this would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Googlebot not rescanning my website

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The only place your "secret keyword" shows up is in your keywords meta tag. Google pays absolutely no attention to that, and haven't for many years. It was abused with keyword spam, so they have stopped even reading the tag. It's possible that you could add that text in a hidden html element on your page, usually at the top is better, and then it might show up in Google's index after your page is crawled again.

Webmaster tools will tell you when your site was last crawled and how many pages were indexed.

Your robots.txt file doesn't block anything, it's still a good idea to have one. Here's what it looks like:

user-agent: *


Here's what it should probably look like:

user-agent: *


The keyword allow: should be followed by a value. That may cause errors with some bots.


I Googled your secret keyword and found only 3 pages, none of which are one your website. Two are your posts in forums, including this one, and one is a site that actually reads your keywords meta tag. None of the big search engines use your keywords meta tag data.

My question for you would be, is that an actual product number or are you just trying to find out when and if your site gets crawled. If the secret keyword has no real significance, leave it out and forget about it.

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