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Google sites & Google bussiness site & .com

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Hope posting in correct forum, if not, I apologize, and will move it to correct one.


If a client has a Google Site, a Google Business site, and a .com is it best to have all 3 or just the Google business site and .com ( I know the business site is to enhance the main customer site (.com)

However from a visitor / user experience will have an additional Google site be counter productive? Unless alternate content published there to enhance user experience. Or is it confusing?

Thing is I like Google sites, it's pretty cool and getting better. I also like wordpress & elementor.


So to me it goes Google business site can do: a bit (posts powerful)

Google Sites can do: a bit more (nice integration with services & no maintenance / security - unless acc hacked. )

Wordpress & elementor - super powerful ( lots of maintenance etc )






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Google sites & Google bussiness site & .com

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Hi Murray,


All businesses should have a Google My Business listing and one web property.


The Google My Business listing provides the post feature to the Google Knowledge Panel in the Google SERPs, so that covers that need. 


There is no need to have the free Google My Business website if there is a full feature website online. The free website is offered as a simple way for a small business to have a web presence when they would not otherwise. The website does not supersede a full feature website in any way. A full feature .com that is smartly coded, fast-loading and offering original content that is both highly relevant and very current will bring the best results for a business owner.  No matter which way someone goes... Google Best Practices and SEO still applies. 


Kind Regards,





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