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Google search engine

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I was wondering something. I have a small business and was trying to get some traction using Google when I Google search words for my small business on the front page some other businesses are taking up three spots I can understand one but when they take up three that pushes me to the second page making less traction for my business Thanks 

Re: Google search engine

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Hey @Todd Andrist M,


Basically, you are getting outranked by your competitors because they are optimizing their sites for those designated keywords better then you are....plain and simple. But actually, it's not so simple.


Companies spend thousands of dollars to hire "SEO Specialists" to help optimize their sites to rank higher in the SERP. But what can you do right now?


Read a few of these articles that will help you gain more knowledge about keyword ranking and seo optimizations. 


In the meantime, make sure you have a Google My Business account (especially if you own a brick and mortar business). And get familiar with Google's webmaster tools like Search Console (a free tool developed by Google that will help you optimize your site's visibility in the search).


There are tons of resources out there so browse around. Just remember, Google is focused towards providing the best possible user experience.  Meaning, create great organic content, optimize your site to be responsive and fluid, and optimize your site with keywords that are relative to your business/product/services....and Google will reward you with more/rich "real estate" in the search engine