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Google gives inaccurate, misleading information about our business

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Our basic business information such as name, telephone number, web address etc. is correct but the description is really inaccurate. It's also written very badly but I can't find a way to edit it. It states that most of our rooms have WiFi, that we use antique-style furnishing, that only one of our cottages has a kitchen and that we have a parlour. All of this is completely wrong and I can't imagine why a Google employee would take it upon themselves to make this stuff up. They certainly didn't pull it from our website. Just to clarify, all our rooms have WiFi, we don't have antique style furniture but happen to have real antiques, both our cottages have kitchens and we've never had a parlour. The whole place sounds so unattractive by the description given. Words like "sprawling" are used to describe our gardens. Readers are told that "additional meals have a surcharge". Seriously? Yes, we serve dinner every evening but can this not just be said without talk of a surcharge. Nobody is going to think that the cost of dinner is included in the B&B rate. I have no doubt that we're losing business as a result of this inaccurate information. Please tell me how I can edit it ASAP. 


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Re: Google gives inaccurate, misleading information about our business

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Hi @Hannah F


You did not provide your business page URL or details, so could not take a look.


However I think I know what you are referring to :


Incorrect summary report page:


  1.  Open the incorrect summary on business page report page
  2. Fill in your Name, Phone Number and Email address
  3. Select how you manage your business page
  4. Add the business page URL
  5. Report the incorrect summary
  6. Add details as to what is incorrect
  7. Select your relationship with the business
  8. Submit


Read More Details:




Tim Capper
Google My Business Top Contributor (UK) and SEO consultant at Online Ownership

Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Google gives inaccurate, misleading information about our business

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Hi Tim,
Our URL is
I've completed the incorrect summary page so looking forward to the changes being implemented.
Appreciate your help with this.