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Google changed my address..., but why?

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We have our business in a building where several companies are housed. Some even for more then 30 years. This building used to be on the edge of the city. There used to be a forest right in front of the building.


However since a few years, buildings have been constructed and new streets arise.

And a few months ago we saw the Google camcar passing by.

As of august this year, Google seems to believe we, and other companies in our building, have moved to one of those new streets. But I can assure you, that did not happen.


So I have changed the address back with the editing option for maps/business

After a few weeks one of the business owners in the building received a phone call to ask whether the change was correct. And she said yes and within a few hours everything was back to normal. For her.

Not  for the other companies. So we waited. In October we tried to change it again, since nothing happened. End of october and a few days ago we tried again.


Even though I receive the mails that the change will be done quickly but it may take 24 hours, nothing is changed. And that is starting to become very annoying. Especially for customers that are looking for us and for the people that live on the other address.

If customers look for "De Borduurshop" (the embroideryshop) This is what Google displays;


Bedrijfskleding in Almelo, Nederland
Adres: Springerstraat 1B, 7609 PC Almelo (this is the wrong address, should be Nijreesdwarsweg 1b)
Telefoon: 0546 657 760

The location on maps is correct though. It's like Google thinks our street doesnt exist anymore with the original name. But its still the same street and streetname.

Why does Google not change our address back to what it has been for years and still is? And more important what can I do to make this happen a.s.a.p. ?

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November 2016

Google changed my address..., but why?

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@De B


I see the issue - your listing is btw as "De Borduurshop"

correctly listed in MapMaker with the correct street name.

But converting the fid parameter of MM URL to a GMaps cid parameter as to it shows the weird other street name


this segment of the street have been named in MapMaker in the beinning of this year as "Springerstraat" - renamed then as "Nijreesdwarsweg" by a user in MapMaker.


I have no good idea how to fix it by you or me.

Hope Google Support should and could fix it.

The best way to contact business support:
requesting a call back in order to talk to a specialist
this is the link to request a call back:
It works at their Phone Support Hours only:
You can request in many (maybe not all though) countries a call back of experts of business support by phone. This should be possible on official working days and during their the day time only - try it from 9 or 10 AM until 5 or 6 PM


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Google changed my address..., but why?

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Thank you for the answer. This helps.