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Google appearance problem

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Well, my family has opened a taxi business, in my hometown, and we are also doing some mountain trips, in the area.


The thing is, that I listed our business, we named it suggestively "Taxi Busteni" (the city name), in order to be as easy as it gets to find us on Google. But, same listing as ours, only that the other guy has the city name written with diacritics. "Taxi Bușteni" . Whenever you google "Taxi Busteni" the other business appears,not us. I have to mention that the other one has been on Google for a longer time than we have been, maybe it is important.


What I can't understand, is why he is still on the Google search, although he as a 3.7 rating out of 9 ratings total, and we have 4.9 out of 34. Before changing the name of our business to this one, the Facebook business page was also linked to the Google one, and there, we have a 5/5 rating out of 49 reviews, where he has 4.9/5 but with 22 reviews.


We are constantly posting on our account pictures and such, we have a lot more activity than he has, but things simply won't change, and that is strange. I thought that, well, Google gives the front page, or at least the big listing, to firms that have the most positive reviews, and the most reviews, and also a good SEO. I don't see what I am missing here, I really don't and I would like to be the first there, especially as we are talking about a small city in Romania, and the market is not shared with giant companies, like in the bigger cities...


Thank you in advance, for your help, and I hope that I will get a good solution .