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Google Places Listing -- needs to be updated

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My business listing on Google Places sorely needs to be updated. We moved to a bigger and better location about two years ago, yet all the photos on my Google Places listing are of our old location. I have put a lot of work into the new shop and would really like that to be the one represented when customers are searching for me and looking through my shop info.


Additionally, I don't understand where the tag line is coming from, when I come up in local organic search results. Under my shop name (Yarnia), it says "Knitting shop with design-your-own-yarn." Is this tagline something that I can request an edit for?


The "suggest an edit" option only seems to pertain to super basic information like phone number, hours, etc.

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Re: Google Places Listing -- needs to be updated

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Instead of using the suggest edit button, it's much better to log in here:

With the account you claimed the business with to make edits. I noticed too that you've got the address change pending in map maker (a sign you tried switching it with the suggest edit instead of logging in as the business owner) and I'm not sure if that'll work or not... You might be a little stuck until a map maker editor approves or denies the edit.

You should check out this guide:

It might answer some questions and make you aware of some best practices stuff you might have missed.

You'll be able to update photos and such easily once you log into your Google my business dashboard. I can see you've used that login before, since you've responded to customer reviews in the past. Hopefully you'll still be able to find it...

That little description you mentioned is called a Google editorial summary:

It's generated automatically, and unless it says something flat out wrong, you're not likely to be able to get it changed. Sounds strange I know, not sure why Google set it up that way, but so it goes.

I've been to your shop by the way, with my partner. Small world! I can see why you'd like to show off the work you put in, good luck getting it all settled!
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Re: Google Places Listing -- needs to be updated

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at your address are two different business pages listed:


a "verified" business "AB CASH FOR JUNK CARS"  with

a phone number +1 901-273-4744 and 

a now invalid (supended) website


The other one is M & R Automotive

and its not yet verified and its phone number is +1 901-207-5690
and no website.
What are your business details and are you the page owner of the"AB CASH FOR JUNK CARS" managing it in your dashboard?


Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Google Places Listing -- needs to be updated

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That was helpful, thanks. (And funny that you've actually been to my shop -- small world indeed!) I do see where to upload new photos, but no way to remove the old location photos. Am I missing something or is that not an option?