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Hi, The company I work for has two similar names (basically one has Ltd on the end). We have a Google account as the name with Ltd on the end and this is the account we use for YouTube, Google + etc.


However, it looks like historically another account has been set up, which is our company name without Ltd. When people google us, they tend not to add the Ltd on the end, so this rogue account is being referenced in the part of google that's managed by 'Google My Business'.


I've used verification and given myself access to this account so I can update it and control what shows in Google My Business. But ideally, I'd like to delete this account altogether. When I 'delete account' it only deletes it from my computer, but continues to show this account in google.


Does anyone have any idea if there's anything I can do? Other than get to the bottom of who sent up this rogue account and delete if via their login.