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1. Funk and Associates

2. 5500 North Interstate 35, Austin, TX 78751

3. (512) 472-3865




Trying to understand what is going on for a client...


The street address for the client has been the above for six or seven years. Sometime in the last few months, Google changed it to "5500 N Interstate Hwy 35".


I'm concerned this is breaking citations, as considerable effort was made on the previous address structure. There have been ranking drops that correlate with this change to some degree, although it's certainly more complex than that.


I went ahead and made the change back to the old address within the GMB management system a week ago. It shows the old address in the management system, while Google's change still shows externally.


Is this something I should be concerned about, or will Google equate NAP on these two address structures?


If it is a legitimate concern, any thoughts on how I can address it?


Also, is there a preferred structure for addresses like this? Looking at the businesses along that stretch of I-35, the structure is all over the place.

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Hmmmm... it was my understanding that Google would be able to differentiate between things like N and North. I'm not sure about the addition of the word "Hwy"-  that's interesting.  If it is registered as a highway in maps, I'm sure the citations you have built will be OK and not a conflict. However, I would be interested in the answer as well.