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Google Map Listing doesn't show up without keywords

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Hi there, 


I'm working on a client whose business no longer shows up on Google Maps. 


Rather than give you the details, the Google Business Listing is complete. Here's the link on maps.


It used to show up before without searching, if you stay in the area without any keywords/search, then it no longer shows it. I changed the address (because there was a spelling mistake) and it put the pin on a completely different location so it seems that Google doesn't recognize the mistake. Hence I put it back on the same place it was now and this happened. Google isn't perfect but still, this is pretty frustrating. 


There used to be a duplicate (set up by the previous agency) which I had taken off and after these couple changes the (H) just no longer shows up where it's supposed to. 


Can someone please assist me with this? I manage the same listing under this account too. Thanks.