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Google Map Listing Query

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Hello Team;

I am confused about a specific map listing query.I read the google guidelines for getting your business on map listing which appears in 3pack .They have mentioned the criteria and rules which you need to follow and also how google evaluates and gives weightage to store owners or any business which has a physical location .And most importantly the map listing gets more importance if you have reviews from people.

But here is the thing i searched for " Belle glade attorney and also Belle glade lawyer" the map listing which appears had no reviews,nor they had reviews on any external website.Can you please tell on what basis the map listing are evaluated and how these business location were shown for this keyword.

Any help would be appreciated.

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July 2016

Re: Google Map Listing Query

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I read the google guidelines for getting your business on map listing which appears in 3pack .


The guidelines are meant as a list to keep your listing but have NOTHING to do with ranking. 


Google uses 3 main metrics for ranking:





Proximity is defined as how close the listing is to the assumed position of the searcher. Some searches have a radius of only several miles around the point defined by that assumed position. 


Relevance is all the things that Google looks at to understand what a business is and does. It is not a binary assignation and has valence... so a business could be more relevant than another and rank higher. Relevance is accrued to a listing by things like:

-business name

-category at Google

-category elsewhere

- review content at Google 

- review content elsewhere

- website content

- anchor text content

- social content

- newspaper article content


Prominence speaks to the idea of quantity and quality of "on-line votes" for the business. This is primarily in the form of links to their website, the local quality of those links and the quality of the websites from which they came. A link from the NY Times is likely worth more than a link from the Olean Times Herald. 


Any given search result will change on Google ever few miles that a searcher moves through the world (real or virtual) and there are as many search results as there are searchers. These results are changed based on the search location, his previous searches, places he has reviewed, places and websites he has viewed. 

Re: Google Map Listing Query

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Hi @Nimit S, reviews are an important factor, but they are only one part of the equation. 


In the article you referenced there are many other factors mentioned. 


If you care to share your businesses Name, Address, Phone Number, or the URL of the page, I would be happy to take a look. 

Colan Nielsen, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Google Map Listing Query

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Hello Colan

Here are the details
Name - Law Offices of Shannon J. Sagan, P.A.
Url -

If you could search for " Belle Glade Attorney" & "Belle Glade Lawyer" on google, the map listing which appears in 3 pack just have physical address . no review counts ,no external reviews ,no website. My concern was for these keywords .It would be of great help if you could give your expert views on it .Thanks.