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Google Listing and Google search Ranking

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Hi all,


I have recently verified our business via the postcard method to get a Google listing in the top right hand corner when you search for our company, Utvyakta Solutions. The problem is that across different browsers and devices the listing is coming up inconsistently i.e. it will show up on Google Chrome on my laptop, but not on Google Chrome on my iPhone. How do I get the listing to consistently display across all browsers and devices?


Secondly, we are partnered with Sweden and on the Swedish Google, our company's Google listing is not showing up at all - how do I make the listing internationally viewable? 


Thanks for the advice/guidance!



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Re: Google Listing and Google search Ranking

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Like everything Google does, local listings have a score on trust, proximity, relevance and prominence. 


If your listing is not showing at all in the main search results it would focus on trust and relevance.



Google needs to see a website that is trusted, a verified listing and confirmation from across the internet that your business is real. That confirmation comes in the form of listings with authorities, citations at leading business directories and citations/licensing at relevant industry sites. 



Google understands your brand and what you do from things like:

your categories at business directories

your categories at Google

your business name

the content of reviews about your business 

the content of your website