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Google Calendar (app): Change picture of location

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Hello all


There is a feature in Google's calendar app (IOS and Android) that shows a picture of the location when entering the name in the respective field (as seen below).

Obviously this picture is taken from the company's/location's stock of the My Business entry.


In our case the picture is not one of ours but one taken by a customer. Since it is not too well I would like to change it.

Unfortunately I could not find out how to change this picture, neither in the My Business options nor in our Google Maps entry. A Google search could not help me either.


Does anyone know how and where I can adjust this picture? 
Thank you for your help.




(This is not our business.)


Google Calendar (app): Change picture of location

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We are having the same problem at Conscious Arts Tattoos. We used to have the view of our front shop on Google Calendar and now it is showing a random photo from our album.


@Google How can we change this?



Re: Google Calendar (app): Change picture of location

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I have the same Problem, any sollution?