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Google Business not showing on Google Maps

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Hi guys...

i have a location inserted three months ago...and in the dahboard it is shown as active and public since about 8 weeks on google maps and google search BUT it is not there.


The inserted company adress is, Kapitänsstraße 15, 24376 Kappeln

Before i have checked the following hints from this forum
1. I had inserted another almost identical location (because nothing happend at the start) but i have deleted it in August.
2. I have mooved the "location" icon, because it could match another icon. I have done this 3 times, just to be sure anything wil help. I have waited minimum of three days to check if something helped. The last location change was 2-3 weeks ago.
3. I have filled some photos and informations about the location.

Until now...there is no change. Curious is, i have inserted another location (for another business) and i have received a mail , that it is available now on google and it is. For this location, i have not received that mail, but on the dashboard..both are shown as active and public.

So, could that be a backend problem? Maybe because of the double insertation at the beginning and the system just cannot override that problem?


Thanks for fixing that

Kind regards