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Getting my location on Google maps

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I am not comfortable with giving you the personal information you have requested in order for me to get an answer to my question.  But I will say that I run a music teaching business, listed as The Cochrane Music Studio. When I go to my Google My business account, to view on Google maps my information comes up as expected. But when I do a search for Guitar lessons on Cochrane AB on the internet, as any of my potential clients would, my sight is not on the google map that shows up in the search listing.  However, 2 of my competitors are shown on the map.  How do I get my business on THIS map?

Re: Getting my location on Google maps

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Hi @Douglas M - We are mostly volunteers on this forum and without knowing the business details it can be a little difficult to try to help and point you in the right direction.


It does sound like you might need to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the keywords (random search on the internet) so that you can rank higher than your competitors. Also, it would help to submit your business to other business directories as Google looks to them as signals too.