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Geo Tag my business location on other social media sites e.g instagram, facebook & twitter

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Hello all,


I hope this is the right platform for this.


I have been trying to enable Geo tagging for my business when posting images or articles on Instagram, twitter and Facebook. Although my business account is verified i still cant pick up my business for location tagging but i can pick up the center where my studio is. 


I am not familiar with this but i have even been told to delete my account and recreate it again so i can request for google verification code just to have this enabled.


Please help on how i can do this, i just want to be able to check in and geo tagg the pictures i upload to the above mentioned platforms. 



Business Name: Kasiwired Photography

Address: Fashion Kapitol, Shop No, 38 Helen Joseph St, Johannesburg, 2001

Tell NO. 0110537672

Map URL:,28.0343613,17z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m...