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Frustrated with google business!

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So I just waited on hold and talked with 3 people about why my business doesn't come up at all on any search or maps.... I've done all the verification, analytics, everything...but still not working properly. Everyone on the phone told me to "optimize," you need to "optimize," have you tried "optimizing"? 

OF COURSE I HAVE.... I have connected it to yelp, linkedIn, my website, and other professional profile websites. I also pay for adwords as well, which I know is dependent on how much you spend per day. They also reminded me that google search is a free service and that I'm not entitled to have my business come up at all... Finally the third guy just put me on hold when he couldn't give me a better answer than to "optimize and do nothing."

I'm sure this sounds very heated but all I need are some answers... 

My business doesn't show up at all unless you specifically search the name... what good is that if no one can see me come up on a general search... 


Confused about this I checked Bing and I come up on the first page on a general search there... I don't understand. Seriously losing faith in google, maybe there is nothing I can do.


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Frustrated with google business!

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I fully understand your frustration. Based on the information you have provided it would be hard for anyone in this group to help. There are some very experienced people that follow and help in this forum. It would help if you supply more details so you could get some help. Have you created a Google My Business page and verified it?


Please include the following with your question: 
1. Full business name 
2. Current business address 
3. Current telephone number 
4. Google Maps URL 
5. Website (if applicable) 

David W Cox, Google My Business Top Contributor
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