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I am quite new to the whole Google Business platform


I work at a small private college in China, We encourage international students to come to Yangshuo, Guangxi Province and immerse themselves in the culture and study Chinese. We have a variety of different courses (our products) and a very small following on Social media.


I started working here two months ago and took over from someone who attempted to re-develop their website, it was poorly done without SEO consideration so I have had to start over.


The old website is quite out dated and the content is not suitable to engage new prospects. They used Google Analytics with the old site. They also used ad words and have quite a few campaigns running, however, I recently realized they had been using key words that do not appear in the content of the website so I feel as though there was a little misunderstanding as to how the SEO works.


The company is concerned about people reaching their site and then navigating away too quickly and we are all not sure why exactly, I plan to work through it step by step and implement a funneling strategy over the next year. I have re-written the content for the new website and I am trying to develop the new website to be user-friendly, responsive, interactive and clear, taking as much consideration to SEO as possible.


I am also planning on creating campaigns to launch the website with a course discount as well as future campaigns to direct new traffic to their desired location.


I really want to do things the right way to put this company “on the map” and boost their online presence immensely. However, my knowledge to this is quite limited and I am learning as fast as I can. I would like to know if there is a series of articles I could read to guide me through the process step by step, an online course or a book anyone could recommend?


The new domain has been registered and I am developing the site on Wordpress using plugins like Yoast for SEO and Monster Analytics. If all goes well, I am aiming to launch the new website in the first week of September.


My biggest question is how should I re-direct traffic from the old website to the new one and give my user a solution to their requirements.

  1. Should I update the analytics by activating the Monster plugin before I do the move? Will my old stats be deleted?
  2. Should I create a new campaign on ad words, with the new course we are launching
  3. Should we keep both websites running simultaneously?
  4. How will I prevent my ranking to drop and then all the effort is wasted? I hope to purchase a booster for the first month to help with the rankings but I also do not know if it is a trap/scam


Thanks for reading this and thank you to anyone who contributes to answering my questions.

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Sorry for the delayed response. This forum really isn't the best for your questions as we deal primarily with Google My Business which is not available in China. I'd recommend the Webmaster Central forum for these types of questions.

Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Thanks for your response! Much appreciated!

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