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Duplicate Directory Citations, Deletion vs. Suppression.

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Hello! I wanted to throw this out there to see if I can find a consensus. When submitting a business through a third party top tier provider, I noticed that existing citations are being claimed and the information is being updated to feature what was provided to the Top Tier provider. My question is this, is it not better to delete an existing listing and then create a new listing with the correct information? When a directory provider creates a business page, more than just the NAP information is included in creating the page (i.e. the URL will sometimes feature the geo location info and business name). When the additional information is not updated and only the NAP is changed, is it still effective? Doesn't the other information for the page also count for something? 

      An example I have is multi-location company that recently changed the company name for each location to include a geo-location designator. instead of ABC-Company, they chose ABC-Company San Diego. The citations were updated to the correct company name in the NAP, but when searching for ABC-Company San Diego on that specific directory, nothing is returned from the provider. When searching for ABC-Company, the listing shows as ABC-Company and a click through to the page shows the new company as ABC-Company San Diego. My question, is:


If I can't find it, can Google still find it?


Any insight into this would be INVALUABLE, my sincere thanks in advnce. My thought is that the modified citation is actually worthless and needs to be deleted and a new one created. 



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Re: Duplicate Directory Citations, Deletion vs. Suppression.

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Hi @Tim R


Even worse, providers some times don't actually check for previous listings and create duplicates.


I'm not entirely sure if i agree with: If i cant find it Google can't. I think if it is listed, Gbot will eventually find it, but the question is how long will that take.


A recent study of provider created listings, shows that Gbot takes between 4 - 6 months before he finds a new or existing listing.


Personally I never rely on providers. I manually create or update information.



Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Duplicate Directory Citations, Deletion vs. Suppression.

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Hello Tim,
Thank you very much for the insight. I know for some directories when it comes to changes and duplicates, there is no other option than to create an account and start correcting things manually. Especially, when that directory is outside of the provider's network.