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Domain Migration | New Name Google Businesses STILL Not Showing Up

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Hi everyone,


I was hoping someone could assist. 


Our company recently survived a domain migration and it looks like our checklist saved us from tons of penalties. My problem however, is not with the overall organic ranking of our website. It has to do with the rebranded business name of the company. 


Currently our new brand name "MO" is not showing up when searching for the desired brand term "MO". Our former name "Markets Online" showed up on every search as it should when performing a business search through Google. The current situation, Google's algorithm automatically takes us to a geographical location in the US named Missouri. I am fully aware that their algorithm prevents business owners from capitalising their store names, and "MO" is not a abbreviation.  


Please see my checklist and its also worth mentioning that there are currently no crawl errors (All 302's were done correctly etc):


1. Pre-Migration

Solve any WMT issues on current site

Contact Service Provider

Non WWW to WWW 301 correct

Error Crawl

Verify ownership of new domain


Backup .htaccess file

Archive all old URLs

Create a sitemap of all old URLs

Create a sitemap of all new URLs

Backup current version of Markets Online

Compile a list of New URLS.

Visually Map out Redirects (PRIORITY)

Prepare new robots.txt file

Verify new domain in GSC (Google Search console)

Check that tracking has been added to every page

Check for redirect loops

Check and Change all relevant WordPress settings

Benchmark search engine rankings for key pages

2. Launch

Launch new robots.txt file

Re-adjust advanced GSC settings

Reconnect Analytics account to GSC

Update all required analytics settings

Remove the disallow rule in the robots.txt file

Setup a new “Project” in SEM rush.

Edit backup plugin settings to reflect new name.

Check redirects are working properly

Follow up with Service provider to see if there are any issues on their side.

Check proper self-referring canonicals

Check home page and sitemaps are okay with Google Search Console Fetch and Render

Crawl list of OLD URLs

Handle any pages that are not properly redirecting (302 or 404)

Submit Old XML sitemap

Submit New XML sitemap

Resubmit the site to Google index

3. Post-Launch

Monitor 404s and fix crawl errors

Monitor index status

Monitor organic traffic

Monitor referral traffic

4. Troubleshooting

Check sitemap errors & fix them

Recrawl all old and new URLs to check that they are working properly. Prioritize these.

Check traffic channels in analytics to identify where traffic has dropped

Check top linked-to pages, compare stats to post-launch data

When errors are fixed, resubmit sitemaps and then resubmit the site to be indexed


Our Agency rebranded itself as instead of the old - Since the company is now called MO (with a decent amount of links also coming through to MO and not Marketsonline)


Okay, so would someone be able to tell me why it is that we are not showing up for our branded name of "MO"?


I have been asking around allot and one of the repsonses I got from a google representative was as follows: 

Coln Top ContributorIs it searches in the US that you are concerned about? Google will likely always return a result for Missouri first when someone searches for MO in the US.
It's the same with any of the state abbreviations. I'm not really sure there is a whole lot you can do.
Is the official name MO or MO Agency?"

We are based in South Africa. We are called MO but our URL is


Here are all our details:

Google Business:

Google Plus Page:

Google Search:

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July 2016

Re: Domain Migration | New Name Google Businesses STILL Not Showing Up

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Hi @Ruan H


So you have really created a Branding situation for yourself with MO.


The long and the short of it, is you need to build up enough Branding authority online, so that when someone in SA searches for MO, Google understands that in all probability they are looking for your site.


I had a similar situation with my name ( yours is waaay tougher ) Online Ownership, which took me a year to appear position 1 for my name.


Things that I would rectify immediately:


Organization or Local Business structured data on site. At the minute you only have the generic web structured data and that does not even specify the name.



Structured Data Testing Tool.png



When you implement your structured data, you probably want to correct your address signals.

Your business page gives 1 address but your website gives another.


Get your signals in place.


Track down all business citations and correct them to your new name:


Even this address is another different address .... again your signals all over the place.


You have not even corrected your Brand page ... ??


oh and another conflicting address.



So there is a fair bit of work to be done, and of course you still need to build up authoritative links to your site.


PS: I'm a KES old boy, so trust me on this :)







Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Domain Migration | New Name Google Businesses STILL Not Showing Up

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Hi @Tim Capper,

Thank you so much for you reply.

I was also thinking it was an authority problem.

Prepping the scope now, looks like this might take some time...... as you mentioned.

Once again, Thank you.

Have a good week!