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Creating different Google+ pages under one business account

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We are maintaining a Google business account for one of our offices as 'Byju's GRE & GMAT'. And in the same account we have two Google+ pages 'Byju's GRE' and 'Byju's GRE & GMAT', this page name was 'Byju's GMAT, but when we have changed the business account name the page name also automatically changed to 'Byju's GRE & GMAT'. When I am changing the name of the Google+ page the business account name also changing.
Is it possible to have a separate business name and under which we can maintain two Google+ pages with some other name? I want to keep the business account name as 'Byju's GRE & GMAT' but Google+ pages as 'Byju's GRE' and 'Byju's GMAT' since they are two different verticals targeting different segments of customers.