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Competitor showing up on the right side of a google search using main keyword

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Hello everybody!


I've been using Google Adwords and Google My Business not too long ago. Hoping someone can help me out on this matter.


I came up with a situation where one of my competitor is using a main keyword (name of the sport) so he can show up on the right side of a google search. The keyword in question is soccer bulle (in french) which is bubble soccer in English. 


How did he manage to show up on the right side of a search (with pictures address etc) if his business name is not even the keyword itself. Is this legal? I am paying good money to Google but I feel this puts me at a real disadvantage.


Have a great day everyone! :)



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Competitor showing up on the right side of a google search using main keyword

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Hi Tony, Ther.e are a whole host of factors in the listing results. There is no correlation between usage of AdWords and Google My Business. They are in two separate silos. Conversion my improve with both the listing and adds being visible.


The ranking factors of a listing are based on 200 things both online and offline. Both being service area business the more local information you add to the site the better. For the listing make sure you use all the new features, videos, questions ect.


Thanks for asking,







David W Cox, Google My Business Top Contributor
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