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Company Google business page is not listed

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Our company "Rent a Scooter Funchal" is registered in Google My Business but when I search for "rent a scooter funchal" on google, only the competitors Google My business profiles appears and not ours.

Why is that?


Our business address is: Avenida do Infante, nº11, Centro Comercial Olimpo, Loja 112 9000-015 Funchal

My phone number is: +351 936 426 904

Our company Google maps URL:,-16.9191014,16z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m...

Our website:


Best Regards,

João Oliveira

Company Google business page is not listed

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HI @Rent a Scooter F


Firstly, have you verified the business listing?


If 'yes', then there are still two possible cases here:


1. If your business listing has been verified and you search for your exact business name or phone number, your listing should appear.


2. If you search for a business category or keywords related to your business - or category, location (for example 'Scooter Rental Funchal') your business listing may not appear. How Google determines which businesses appear in the second case is decided from over 200 factors, some of which (especially in the map listing) may be weighted towards location.


This video from Google covers some of the possible reasons in more detail: I can’t find my business on Google


I hope this answers your query and is of some help.