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Change my streetview photo?!

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I can't change our streetview image to show our office, it's currently showing at number 18 (should be 9 as per our address) that is a residential building further around the market square. I've tried moving the location marker from where it was - exactly central on our building - to the road outside of the office but it hasn't changed the streetview image yet. Any idea how long this can take to update please?

Thanks! J


1. Full business name - Huntingfield Estates
2. Current business address - 9 Market Hill, Framlingham, Woodbridge, IP13 9AN
3. Current telephone number - 01728 724566
4. Google Maps URL,1.3433191,17z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!...


Currently looks like this:

Huntingfield Estates Streetview.JPGHuntingfield Estates Streetview Ideal - No.10 Market Hill.JPG

Should look like this                                                       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^