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Category not associated with keyword

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Siouxland Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

6401 S Minnesota Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57108

(605) 335-1080,-9...


This business is an "Oral Surgeon". The only businesses that rank in Maps for the search term "dental implants" are either:

1) dentist, dental clinic, or dental implant periodontist (as a category) or

2) the business name has the word "implant" in it.


I have lots of data to support this. The most relevant category for my clients is "Oral Surgeon". They do just fine in Maps for other terms like "wisdom teeth city st." or "oral surgery city st.". They do not want me to change their category to "Dentist". 


How do I get Google to Associate the search term "dental implant" with the category of "Oral Surgeon"? 

Thank you. 


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Category not associated with keyword

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Have you tried adding it as a secondary category? Particularly, adding Dental Implants Periodontist as another category in GMB. 


I know of no method to get a category to be associated with a keyword term. Even if you went that route, it would probably take multiple websites or aggregators to target the association before you'd start to see results.  

Joel Headley, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Category not associated with keyword

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Thanks @Joel H,  The secondary category doesn't seem to help. But maybe we need to give it some more time, it's been about two weeks since we implemented that.

Category not associated with keyword

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Very fine suggestions, but let me reiterate a few things:

0) ClearChoice, a national brand, uses "Periodontist" for their Oral Surgeons, because it ranks for "dental implants", but that's not what they are...

1) We have tons of google reviews (4.8 stars, 122 reviews)

2) the whole site is geared to Dental Implants and Wisdom Teeth

3) it ranks Great in search for both those above terms so Google loves it and knows what it is about (well, maybe not Google Local, cumon guys)

4) it ranks great in Maps for Wisdom Teeth but not Dental Implants

5) Our clients want to stay in the category "Oral Surgeon" because that is what they are

6) Oral surgeons get most of their revenue from dental implants and wisdom teeth removals

7) "Dentists" get all the action for "dental implants" in Maps, all of it (unless the oral surgery practice name has "implant" in the name).

8) I don't think the search results are "irrelevant", I just think they are incomplete and/or biased (towards dentists)

9) This all tells me that the algo associates categories and search terms and that Google has it wrong for the grouping of "Oral Surgeon" category and the search term "dental implants"

10) @JoyHawkins, the category "Oral Surgeon" is "correct", but it is incomplete because it does not associate with "dental implants".

11) that's all I got for now, thanks fellow googlers