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Can't get our business listed under the actual area we service

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# 1
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1. Concrete Projects
2. 46 Tirriki st, Charlestown NSW Australia 2290
3. 0430688841
4. Google+ url - not sure is this my personal one?

We have a concreting business based in Charlestown, NSW 2290 Australia. Charlestown is our suburb but no one is going to search for that when looking for concreting services. The main city we live in is called Newcastle. As a priority we need to at least appear in searches for Newcastle area, but in fact we also work in Sydney and outer regions of our area.


To start with I listed us under our physical location with 100km radius. We were coming up under concreters Charlestown, but not under Newcastle or any other areas, which is pointless.


So I changed to the option where you manually enter suburbs, with Newcastle as 1. We were no longer coming up under ANY searches, although we still existed when you searched for our business name "Concrete Projects" Newcastle.


So I have changed back to our actual address with a radius, and now we're not coming up anywhere ;(


So frustrating!!





Re: Can't get our business listed under the actual area we service

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Hello @Steph G


do you have a website?  if so what is the url?


Sorry but looks like a personal profile not a business page.


do you have a GMB or G+ page, if so, what is it?

Re: Can't get our business listed under the actual area we service

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# 3
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Thanks so much for getting back to me.

Sorry, yes I was confused about the google+ page. Actually, it's a bit weird. When I load the Google my business app, the link for Google+ takes me to my personal page. But on the desktop version of my business it takes me to the correct concrete projects page. That's why I had the wrong url.

So I think the correct one should be

The website address is

Thanks again!

Re: Can't get our business listed under the actual area we service

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# 4
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Hello @Steph G

I assume you are talking about where your listing might appear in the Local 3-pk or on Google Maps and not in the body of the organic page results.

The geo location setting is more to show users the area you service, it is not a feature for ranking your listing. Generally, I really wouldn't expect you to show up outside of 50km (depends on niche and amount of competition).

Here is what Google shares about improving the ranking of your local listing...

Much of what makes a listing rise to the top is how well optimized the website is for organic SEO. This is much more complicated and outside the scope of this forum. However, it appears that your website is only a single page, so there is plenty you can do to improve on this.

Your listing does appear for search terms like "Concrete Service near Newcastle" on Gmaps (around 11), at least for me. There's nothing inherently wrong with the listing itself, so I would focus my efforts on the issues I listed above.