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Can a single email address support several users?

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New to Google Analytics - Can a single email address support several users, or does each person require their own email address to access the analytics?

Curious if i can setup a generic email for multiple folks to use.  

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Re: Can a single email address support several users?

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You can of course just give the same user name and login to multiple people if you like. I've ran into situations where a new person from an unknown IP number/device will be denied entry, and someone else who's already able to get into the account will need to log in, they're be notified of 'unusual activity' and given the option to say 'no worries, that was me, allow that user in the future'. 

That said, there's a lot of reasons for each person to have their own login, and you share access to the things they need to see. If you have reason to share some accounts with a particular user, and others with other users, you can add them as managers to some areas but not others. That way they'll only see the accounts you've given that user access to when they log in, and will be safer and potentially more well organized than sharing one set of login info across multiple users. Instructions for adding a new manager to a page you own on GMB are here. Since you asked about Google analytics (that forum is here by the way, you're in the google my business for local business owners forum) instructions for sharing access with new users in Google analytics is here

Personally, if you're a small business owner with an assistant you work closely with, I don't know that it's the end of the world to just give them your password if you don't care about privacy. In any other case though, especially if there's multiple people you're sharing with, there's no excuse for not just having them making a new login and giving them access using Google's systems. Especially if you're using that same login for more sensitive things that just analytics (adwords, in particular). 

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