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Button to website not showing up in Google My Business box.

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When you Google the name of my business, Lowcountry Vistas Charleston, LLC Residential Landscape Design and Installation, the businesses' Google My Business profile appears, but the button to go to the website ( has disappeared. Please see screenshot. Is this a known issue? Thank you. Seth - 843-670-3433


Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 9.03.58 PM.pngThank you.

Re: Button to website not showing up in Google My Business box.

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Hi @Seth Mason!


I saw the website button:

lowcountry vistas.jpg


I don't know about any existing issue that might have the website button not showing, but I saw you were logged into your Google account. Presumably the same account you claimed the business with. If you're still not seeing the website button, try doing a search for your name in an incognito window and see what happens.


So... that probably answers your question, but while I'm here:
Looks like when you started your landscaping business, you used the same phone number for your tutoring business:


From the guidelines:
Provide a phone number that connects to your individual business location as directly as possible.

Also, I can't imagine that "Lowcountry Vistas Charleston, LLC Residential Landscape Design and Installation" Is your business name as far as customers are concerned. There's at least three rules your name is probably violating, so check out the link above and scroll down to 'name' to read about it. Google's automatic algorithms aren't super great at catching spam sometimes, so you might be able to float that name, but if you ever need to call into support and you get a cranky service rep, they might see that name and shut down your listing. If you DO decide to change your name, make sure you pick your 'real' name, and stick with it absolutely everywhere. That means on Yelp, Google, Bing, your website, your official articles of incorporation (or DBA), everything. Having a right name on Google and wrong name in other places can still hurt your chances of showing well. 

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Re: Button to website not showing up in Google My Business box.

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Thanks, James! You're right, the website button shows up when I'm not
logged in.

I use the same phone number for the landscaping business and the tutoring
business because I'm a one-man show, and I only have one phone. Having a
different phone for each business wouldn't be practical at this point. Am I
taking a significant hit for using the same number?

Although the name of the landscaping business on the articles of
incorporation is Lowcountry Vistas Charleston, LLC, I started
adding Residential Landscape Design and Installation to the name because
the business name I chose when I incorporated gives no direct indication of
what I do (whereas many of my competitors' business names do). Is there a
way to gauge if this is helping me or hurting me?

Thanks again!


Seth Mason
Owner, Lowcountry Vistas Charleston, LLC

Re: Button to website not showing up in Google My Business box.

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Of course, I know how it is when you're bootstrapping. There's luckily some options for you though, since it'd be a shame to hurt your chances to rank well because you can't afford to get a second line through AT&T or whatever. The free option would be to use Google Voice. I used them for quite a while, and basically you can get a free second phone number that ties into your phone, it's pretty slick, and it'll get you a functional second phone number. It'll still ring at the same place, but it's possible to set it up so that you can distinguish which business customers are trying to reach, so you can even pick up the phone and say 'hi this is Lowcountry Vistas' or 'Hi this is Charlston Spanish Tutor' as the case may be. My only concern with Google Voice, is that they're putting less energy into that now, and I don't know if they'll still be there two or three years from now, though I believe it's possible to export your number, so you at least wouldn't lose the number. 

If you're okay with spending a little extra, you could use something like callfire instead. It'd run you probably around $5 a month, more if you have high call volume (those services charge by the minute). They're here:

I'm not entirely happy with them, but same deal there... you can carry whatever number you choose over to a different carrier if later you decide to stop using their service. It's a huge problem for local business owners like yourself to switch phone numbers, name, or addresses, since the whole goal is to get your business listed in as many places as possible. If you've been established for a few years, you can end up with hundreds of places where your old number is listed, some of which are impossible to change... and those mismatched numbers can hurt your chances to rank, so whatever solution you choose, it's important to make sure that you can keep control of that number so you never have to change it. 


I think a name that long is probably hurting you from a branding perspective... if I was a customer looking you up on Google, it's not a mark of professionalism in my eyes at least to have a 5 line long name stuffed with keywords. It may not hurt your ranking ability today, but like I said in my previous post, at any time part of Google's moderator crew might see your listing, and decide that you're not in compliance and shut your account down for spam. Once you're shut down, it can be a pain to get reinstated... a huge if you're a small business owner in the busy season that suddenly and unexpectedly loses your main source of leads. If you're interested in learning a little more about how ranking and all that works, here's a good starting place to jump in:



If it was me, I'd use Google Voice to get a second number, I'd change the number for the less important business (or the business with the old number in less places online) and I'd choose one, single name and use that name consistently absolutely everywhere. If you want your name to reflect your business area, you could always file for a DBA as "Lowcountry Vistas Landscaping" or something, but whatever you pick, make sure it's absolutely, 100% consistent absolutely everywhere. Hope that helps!

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