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Business not showing up in google map s for main category and keywords

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Dolce Brooklyn

305 Van Brunt Street

Brooklyn NY 11231



Hi! We are a gelato shop in Red Hook Brooklyn NY. . Our main category is "ice cream shop" in our MY BUSINESS account but when you search for ice cream in maps, we don't show up. We also don't show up for desserts. We do show up for gelato. How do I fix this? It's costing us a lot of business as folks usually search for ice cream. Any insights are greatly appreciated.


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Business not showing up in google map s for main category and keywords

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Hi Kristina


Google is getting signals about what your business is based on a wide range of sources including your website, customer reviews, and other information on the web.


You'll also notice that the category on the listing itself doesn't make a massive difference to which search term the business is showing.  If you look at the gelato results, you have 2 x ice cream shops and one Italian.  So that category is just one input out of many that Google uses.


There's more to fixing this than can be explained in this forum, but basically what you've demonstrated is that Google knows your business is about Gelato.

Google's programs are designed to return the most relevant results to a searcher. So if people search for ice cream then Google assumes people want ice cream.  If people search for gelato, then Google gives gelato.  At this stage (partly because of the level of competition where you are located) the programs are not saying "well... gelato and ice cream are close enough - I'll show both".


Does that help you understand what's going on?


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Margaret O · Google My Business Top Contributor

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