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Business not showing in searrch results

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If I do a search on Google for services that my business provides, my listing does not appear. Help!

Business not showing in searrch results

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This could be due to many factors.  I would first start with the following..


1.  Ensure you have your primary and secondary categories setup

2.  Link your listing to your website

3.  Place a citation in the footer of your website. In other words add the Business name, address, and phone number as exactly listed on your GMB on your website .

4.  Copy the hours of operation over to your website as exactly listed

5.  Obtain positive reviews for your listing.  Though don't spam. I would focus on getting them naturally.  

6.  Add images regularly to your listing


Always remember, there are many factors and elements involved in Google's search recipe.  Proximity of the person searching is a big one.


Also, time helps. The more you optimize the listing over time, the more it will help your ranking potential.


Hope this helps 


What city/state are you in?