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5.2K members online now
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Business not showing as an icon & in seaches. Blue circle instead of an Icon

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Hello. Ive had a small building preservation business for many years. In the past i've always come up in seaches for the type of work we do in our area . For instance, if you were to search 'damp proofing sunderland' we would come up. In addition we would be an icon on google maps.Some time last year that stopped being the case. If you search directly for my business they i do come up but not if you search as i said ,something like damp proofing sunderland/newcastle (or woodwork , dry rot etc). I do come up as a small blue circle .
My business is verified and i've spoken to google many times and doen various edits and told it will come up but to no avail. Its hurting my small business quite bad. I did have the business listed at another address for sometime but ended that some time ago. Again, this wasn't a problem until recently. My website is quite old and i wonder if its that. I have added another free google website to see if that works. To be honest i'm at my wits end with this and its hurting my little business badly. We have lots of photos ,google reviews on google my business etc. 
Any help appreciated.
Owen Preservation.
6 Seaton Crescent
Co. Durham

Business not showing as an icon & in seaches. Blue circle instead of an Icon

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I see you showing in Seaham although not Sunderland since that is listed on your address. Your listing is set up correctly as far as I can see. It is hard to show up very far from your actual place of business if you have a storefront. You can change to be listed as a service area business but listing the areas you service.