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Edward Kennedy Mason - 1990 Main Street, Sarasota Fl 941-907-0725


Just recently when the business page changed and stopped showing the description the business no longer comes up in industry keyword search on the map. For instance, if you google Financial planner sarasota or retirement planner sarasota the business was always listed. Now it doesn't show at all. Closed businesses show but this one does not. The description is the same it is now on the G+ page for the business. The G+ page has always been active. Not understanding why it dropped off the search. If I search the business name the listing appears so it has not been suspended. Has anyone else had this problem after the change? I chatted with support but just got the standard "there is an algorithm". I get that but the industry words searched appear in the profile and there never was a search problem before the change.

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Re: Business listing search

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Hi @Nimie G


It is indeed algorithmic, however I find you at pos 11


Financial planner sarasota   Google Search.png



You should also consider the conflicting signal you are providing Google.


Your Business Page:


Second Duplicate conflicting Business Page


Then I found another suspended one:


Plus another that now redirects to Maps.



I would personally have 1 solid business page, connected to an authoritative site with good all round signals.


Business page positions also correlate to Organic positions and your site currently sits on Page 3 for financial planner sarasota, so I would say that business page is pretty much in the expected position.


Articles you may find helpful:


Business page ranking factors


Local SEO tips



Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Business listing search

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Thank you. I know that the second page for the advisor is there. It is
common for companies to allow advisors or realtors to have there own page.
For instance you will see many for Edward Jones financial. Have no idea how
thsuspended page was created as I do not have access to it. I'm glad you
say you see the listing in search as I do not That is about where it was
ranked last time I saw it. Thanks for your input at least I know someone
can see it.