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Business doesn't show up in google places...but is in maps

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Hello all.


I just started a brand new brick and mortar business.  As soon as we got our location, I went to google and entered our necessary information.


At first, I was okay with not having any presence on google.  I said to myself, "we have no visitors to our page, once we get some visitors, we'll appear"


Well, we've been open a week, we've gotten some good press, got a decent amount of page views, but we still don't show up in google places.


My site is:


I have implemented data structures, I added our site url to google, I added and verified my business in google maps.


It has .. improved...but


..we have a google place, which appears when you specifically search for "project escape 19428" (our area code)...but we do not show up for 'escape room'...anywhere.


A list of local escape rooms appear, but even when we pin down our location to 19248 (our address), with no other rooms in the vicinity, we do not show up in the places list.


Is there something I can do to ensure we are being recognized here?








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Re: Business doesn't show up in google places...but is in maps

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Hi Project E,

I would first say that visibility takes time, and kudos for getting started with your GMB listing! I took a quick look for easy wins - you mentioned implementing structured data on your site, but I don't see GeoCoordinates marked up nor your Name. These aren't a magical fix, but could improve Google's understanding of your business at your location. I'd also respond to the reviews you've received. Here is a link to the GMB help section to help you fully optimize your listing:

Best regards,

Re: Business doesn't show up in google places...but is in maps

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Thanks for the prompt reply

%p{itemscope: true, itemtype:""}
%meta{itemprop:"serviceType", content:"Escape Room"}
Project Escape

This is my code. Is the 'name' itemprop not correct?
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Re: Business doesn't show up in google places...but is in maps

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Hi @Project E

Man, cool business. I heard about something like what you're doing on a youtube show called extra credit a while ago, sounds like a lot of fun! 

Haven't tried your kind of puzzle before, but luckily you came to the right place to get help with Google's puzzles. 


So first off, while I always do schema for every site I have set up, interestingly enough I've seen some evidence that it doesn't actually help with ranking directly, though if schema is done wrong, it can cause issues in surprising ways. 

So, first, your schema structure looks fine for the most part, though you've got a snippet of JSON-LD up at the top with the wrong geo location, and it says your name is 'the Eiffel tower'. You'll definitely want to fix that. You're more than welcome to use micro data (snippet information woven into the HTML like you're mostly using) but I usually prefer JSON-LD just because it's a lot cleaner, and it only needs to be updated in one place. For a good guide on how to set it up for your site, go here. It looks like your actual GPS coordinates are 40.099290, -75.303353.

Now, onto ranking factors. The biggest pieces that are missing, are backlinks and citations. Backlinks are places that link to your site, citations are (for the most part) 3rd party directory listings (Yelp, facebook, manta, etc) for your business. Quality is more important than quantity for both, and the best links and citations are often going to be specific to your city or your industry. Usually for citation building, I like spending the $80 on Moz (to hit the 4 main databases of business information, your info will start trickling out from there) and then going through and registering by hand at 20 of the top citations you can find, or 50 if you have the time. This list is a good place to start with citations, if you're feeling ambitious, or if you have an intern you don't mind running through the ringer, this article is an excellent resource for putting together your own list. Alternatively, you can pay whitespark to do it for you. You don't need to go hit this out of the park to make an improvement, literally all I could find for you right now is Yelp, Facebook, and Google My Business. 

Backlinks are harder, there's an absurd number of strategies that are still effective, and none of them are something that can be done quickly or easily. You can get a free 14 day account at ahref and brainstorm by looking at other companies like yours, and seeing where they're getting their links from. Alternatively, this is a good list of ideas too. 

Taking a look at your website, your page load speed isn't bad but it might be worth hitting some of those items, you've got three h1s on the home page and they're not well chosen (one unique h1 per page is best, ideally with your main keyword and city, state). It looks like you didn't alt/title tag any of your images either, hit that too. 

The last thing... getting a brand new business on Google is really important, but it can take a while to see results. Even if you took all my advice and did a real bang-up job, it could still be a few months before you really start seeing results. One of the reasons... look at those factors above. Google wants to see 3rd party sites talking about you, and business directories that have information about you. it's all about trust that you're a real business, so it can take a while before that trust is established. 

If you type in 'project escape' from inside Philadelphia though... for me at least, I was getting your business coming up on the right, so you're definitely showing. Don't be discouraged either by the big to-do list I put up above, I doubt your competition is super on-ball, so just hit that stuff as you have time and do the best you can, and I bet things will be looking very different in a few months. Good luck!

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Re: Business doesn't show up in google places...but is in maps

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Hi @Project E


In addition to @james w amazing post (he hits it out of the park everytime) here's a super easy way to build google's trust in your business - use their map listing on your website.


Replace the current map on your directions page with this code which will not only increase Google's ability to fill in the puzzle (connect the dots) but will also show a bit more of a customised view of your business listing, including reviews

<iframe src="!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d3051.929665122749!2d-75.30555008522151!3d40.099281079403255!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x89c6bdd7b4d7f45b%3A0x1cfb008a05174201!2sProject+Escape!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sau!4v1462589360329" width="600" height="450" frameborder="0" style="border:0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Business doesn't show up in google places...but is in maps

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Good Afternoon,


I took a look at your schema markup for the homepage and I have some suggestions. You're currently marking up some content using the JSON-LD format and some content using the microdata format. It's best to use one format and stick with it across the page. For Knowledge Graph card purposes I recommend using JSON-LD. Please note, testing tool is not detecting the JSON-LD markup because the opening script tag is not marked up in the typical manner. <script> should be <script type="application/ld+json">.


Also note, instead of marking up LocalBusiness and nesting the other content types you're marking each content type up separately, it would be better to nest for example, PostalAddress in LocalBusiness, same applies to GeoCoordinates. Suggestion, instead of marking up LocalBusiness, I recommend marking up the subtype, EntertainmentBusiness (better describes your business).


Not sure if you're aware but Google has introduced Place Actions - see detailed info in the support page. Since you're providing the option on the homepage I would consider marking up the info.


Rather than marking up Service type on the homepage it would be better to markup this type on a leaf page (a page dedicated to the service provided).


Since you're marking up LocalBusiness, I recommend marking up the social profile links and the logo image  - see Customize your Knowledge Graph. Please note, Google is not currently displaying these items in the KG card displayed for local businesses (unless the local business is also a well-known entity) but just in case they do in future it's best to mark them up.


I also recommend adding a social icon and linking to the Google listing (and including it in the markup).


In reviewing the markup I noticed that the footer is marked up after the closing </body> tag, same applies to the Analytics tracking code. I am not a developer but I believe these items should be marked up before the closing body tag. I also noticed there is a stray closing </head>. The stray tag is located after the closing footer tag (</footer>).


I hope the information is helpful.