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Business disappeared from Google maps & Google Search by category about a month ago

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Hi, we are a somewhat new business:  1st Choice Furniture & Mattress, 1322 Asheville Hwy, Hendersonville NC 28791, (828) 513-1575.  Website:  After verifying the business on Google, everything seemed great. When you zoomed in on Google maps, the store name was printed next to our building. When you did a search for "Furniture Stores Hendersonville" or "Mattress Stores", the website would show up on the left side of search & on Maps, the red dot with the store name would there.

   However, that is no longer the case. When you zoom in on Google Maps to our location (without entering anything), there's no description next to our building. Yet the nursery that closed over a year ago, that's just a couple of buildings down, shows up. When you do a search for "furniture stores" or "mattress stores", we no longer show up on Search or Maps. This hurts!   Most people, before they shop for furniture or mattresses, do a search to find out what stores are near them. If a business isn't listed, the consumer doesn't visit that store. That's lost business!  Further,  as a new store, when potential customers drive by, they don't remember your name. However, they do remember your approximate location. So when they get home, they use Google search or Maps, to find you. For instance: Furniture Stores, Hendersonville. If the business doesn't show up on that search, the consumer gradually forgets about them.

    When you do a search for our name on Maps, we show up. When you do a web search, the info box on the right side shows us, but nowhere are we listed on the left side. For example, when you search for Toby's Mattress, they are listed in both the info box on the right & their website is the top listing on the left. When you do our name, we are no longer listed on the left side.

    Why are we no longer listed under our categories "furniture stores" or "mattress stores", like we used to be?  Why, when you zoom in on Google Maps, is our store not listed, like it once was?   When I called the Google help, the Indian guy said it was "impossible" for Google to take a business off Google Maps, even if they were no longer in business. To which I replied, "If it's impossible for Google to take our business off Google Maps, why are we no longer there?  Maybe Bing or Yahoo did it?"   He suggested that I should post pictures (already there), a description of the business (still there), our hours (already done). While we've already done all those things, why should it even matter, if it's impossible for Google to take a business off Google Maps?  I've talked to 4 people at Google to no avail.

   Why do we no longer show up under our primary categories?





Re: Business disappeared from Google maps & Google Search by category about a month ago

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Hello @Steve M

Well, it's really not quite that simple. You brought up a number of rather unrelated issues, though they might appear to be related to you.

First, ranking in the LOCAL 3 pack.

While it might have been fortunate that your local business listing showed in the local 3-pack immediately, it's not a given. Likely there are dozens of competing pages in your category that have more authority over your new site and verified page. So it should not be a huge surprise that you are not listed in the top 3 or even in top 25.

More information on what Google thinks is important can be found here...

Regarding, your concerns about ranking in the organic section (left hand side) of the search results page (SERPs), there is no way to adequately cover such a vast topic and it is not the focus of this forum. While it is quite possible your page briefly ranked for such keyword search terms initially, I would not expect this to last given that the site is new and would likely not favor the factors Google's algorithm uses over the long term.

Finally, when view Google Maps, the Place Labels (the name of the business that pops up when searched or zooming in) are completely independent of most other factors and you should not expect a Place Label to appear for your listing, even if it was apparent before. These are also produced via a Google algorithm, so we don't really know how to manipulate the appearance of a Place Label.

More information on Place Labels can be found here....

Overall, I would say that what you have experienced is to be expected. Older, more established websites and listings tend to outrank new, less established sites.

A quick check of your business against the main data aggregators seems to verify that this is a new business 9since it does not appear at all).

Even if your local listing and/or organic listing showed up in your original searches, there is no conspiracy or anything wrong. You simply need to learn more about how the local ecosystem and organic search algorithm works.

Re: Business disappeared from Google maps & Google Search by category about a month ago

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Thank you for responding so fast. When Google emailed your response, I replied back but for the last 5 days, kept getting mail delivery failure messages. So I'm replying here. I apologize for being a neophyte in this, & maybe not communicating very well. Thank you in advance for your patience.

To start, I realize & agree with what you said: "Older, more established websites & listings outrank, new less established sites." We're only 6 months old, so we should be lower on the ranking . . . but we should be somewhere on it, right? We used to be. The problem is that our business has disappeared completely. Forget about the local 3 pack (I understand that we're too new), but we are no longer anywhere on the SERPS.

For instance, I realize that when searching for "furniture stores" or "mattress stores", there are zillions of sites ahead of us. However, when narrowing the search to: "furniture stores, Hendersonville NC" or "mattress stores, Hendersonville NC", why are we nowhere to be found on SERPS? As Hendersonville NC is not that big, there are very few stores here. With so few stores, you would think our website would come up eventually. However, even going through 10 pages (is that right term?), we're not there.

Let's make the search narrower & the most specific we can make it. When searching for "1st Choice Furniture, Hendersonville NC", why does our website not show up on SERPS? This communication between us showed up on page 2 of the SERPS, but our website doesn't show up at all.

If a business has a website & you do a search for that business, their website usually shows up as the top listing on SERPS. For example, when searching "High Country Furniture, Hendersonville NC" or "Mattress Man, Hendersonville NC", their websites are the first on the list. But when you search our business "1st Choice Furniture & Mattress, Hendersonville NC", you can't find our website . . . anywhere! We used to be there, but as of a few weeks ago, we've completely disappeared.

Wouldn't you agree that we've encountered a problem; something that has happened to cause this? Otherwise, why does this communication between us that just started a few days ago, show up on the SERPS for "1st Choice Furniture, Hendersonville NC", but our website that's over 6 months old does not? Especially as this was never the case until a few weeks ago.