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Business Location Modify

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Hi there!

I and a friend of mine have a business. We registered it on google. 
Everything went well until I saw a mistake in our headquarter location address. 
The mistake was visible even in my account management, and if I wanted to edit (clicking the edit button next to the address) another page opened, with a different address, so I could not edit the wrong one!
I tried to "suggest an edit" but it says "your edit is in pending" as translated from my language, SINCE 2 MONTHS NOW!!!
So I had to erase this account and everything in it.
The location with it's wrong address is still there if I search my business on google.
I desperately wanted to find a google support email address, so a human being could help me solving this problem, but again, without success. 
Maybe here I'll have some luck...
And soon we want to move our headquarter in another place, what do we do?! The address will remain a complete mistake...
The business is called Jola Engineering LLC
Thank you for reading and helping!
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Business Location Modify

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Hi noveanu


I recommend getting in touch with GMB support as they are the only ones who can permanently your incorrect location listing.


You can contact them via these options: 


Talk to a Specialist





Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Business Location Modify

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​As you can see in the captured screen, there is no support at "talk to a
specialist" whatsoever.
Where should I find this "specialist"?

Why is google support so hard to get?!

Business Location Modify

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Re: Business Location Modify

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stop YELLING here - we are not Googlers  and you can mark the listing as closed.


Listing like yours will not "erased" - it can claimed by the owner or  alternatively can marked as permanetly closed.

But I doubt it is closed as your website tells the public its there:


Screenshot 2017-02-28 at 18.31.04.png

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Business Location Modify

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Look. You'll yell too if you would not find any solution since 2 months now for such a small problem! 


Before focusing on my behavior (wich is the effect) take a look and understand the cause. I wrote it up there. Maybe if you would read it you would bring effective solutions (if you had some) instead of bringing useless offtopic observations. Educate your children not your clients.


I'll have to explain my problem again - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:


When searching on google with "Jola Engineering LLC" it shows informations about this business on the upper right side of the search result, ok? Ok. I wanted to change the headquarter adress as it was wrong. I had few options: Editing right there as a suggestion and WAIT for this suggestion to be approved (STILL WAITING SINCE 2 MONTHS); editing in my business panel was another solution BUT! (important BUT) when clicking EDIT another page opens with a TOTAL DIFFERENT ADRESS! What the heck should I edit, if the wrong one doesnt show up here?!


I didn't really want to ERASE my account. That was not my objective. But I tried to do that in order to see the adress removed and start all over again, with a brand new configuration.



Is this so hard to understand?


And the lady up there comes with a link that's totally useless. Clicking those questions show you an answer instead of taking you to the right person to talk to.


Luckly for you "helpers" there is no "dislike" or "report" button to flag your lack of care and improve the google help center!


Re: Business Location Modify

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Here are some screenshots, made few moments ago, so you can understand what I'm talking (yelling) about.Screenshots.jpg


"Apartament 2" is the main thing I want erased from my address. 




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Business Location Modify

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You can close this topic. The problem was solved by the phone in few seconds.


The conclusion is simple:

@PriyaC check your links before posting them as solutions.


@Helmut Geissler first you need to learn english, second you need to PAY MORE ATTENTION to user's requests and problems instead of their behavior because your answer was a total waste of time for both.


Topic can be closed, it also could be erased - users with the same problem wouldn't find any solution here but superficial answers and an old man being harrassed by my LITERARY YELLING.