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Business Listing not showing in Google Search Results

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Hi guys, we have a problem, recently: our business listing was showing up perfectly on Google, with every news we published.. but now we are not appearing to anyone, what happened? Any help would be great!


1. Fundacion Chile
2.  AVENIDA PARQUE ANTONIO RABAT SUR 6165 Av Parque Antonio Road 6165 Santiago, Vitacura Región Metropolitana de Santiago
3. +56 2 2240 0300
4. Google Maps URL

Business Listing not showing in Google Search Results

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Can confirm, 

I receive a wikipedia snippet when I search for your name in the USA. 

When I search for "Fundacion Chile Santiago" - then the rich knowledge graph map results shows up. 


For some reason, Google is giving more search authority to that wikipedia entry at this time. 


Out of the gates, I would try putting your site on SSL right away - Google might be concerned your site isn't secure.