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2.4K members online now
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Beyond a user interface solution! - Please Help

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So I currently have 2 issues and I have spent hours looking for a solution. Please serious inquires only.


First off a few months back I started two accounts for my business. We operate out of California and Michigan, but don't have physical locations. We work from home, so the addresses aren't publicly listed. 


I operate the Michigan Business. Now when people search our business in Michigan the California site would be shown on google and I know this is causing us to lose business, because people want a Michigan Business. I have tried everything to have the Michigan site appear when people search our business in Michigan, but at last nothing. I want someone who can seriously fix this issue. I can't be loosing clients over this. 


Second. Because the California site was the only site appearing when people search our business, I was getting fed up. So I tried to change the address to appear that we operate in California and Michigan. As soon as I did that it suspended the account. Now it tells me to fix the address but I cant. If you look at the image it is telling me the business is in Canada and I cant change it to the United States. 


Then I thought, oh maybe now that the California site is down, if I search my business the Michigan site will appear when I search the business. At last I was wrong. This problem is obviously beyond what a user can fix. 


I need serious contributors who will fix this for me, because I believe this is beyond a user interface solution.