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Best website to link to from Google My Business?

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I work for a Harley-Davidson dealer who owns multiple dealerships. We recently got the verification code to one of our locations, so I'm going to verify that today on Google My Business. I'd like to link to our Ecommerce website (which I manage) since I would think it should give us a bit more authority, but I'm not sure what the best practices are.

Should we only link to one website from our profile or is it okay to link to both the Ecommerce website and the regular website? We'd probably prefer to have both, but if we should only have one then would it be okay to link to only the Ecommerce website? Also, how does this apply to our other dealerships' locations? I would think it's a bit spammy to put the link on all of our locations' Google My Business profiles but I'm not sure. Thanks in advance!