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Airport location issue

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We are an agency managing the SEO for a medium sized car rental company here in New Zealand. They have locations in four main cities and overall, they have great organic ranking compared to the larger companies in New Zealand. One issue however that we are having relates to local SEO and our ability to rank the company in the map listing on airport specific queries. If someone for example searches for 'auckland airport car rental', the companies that appear in the map listings are the ones who have a desk situated within the terminal building. Our client, GO Rentals, have their branch situated just outside the terminal, however they do offer a free shuttle bus to take customers to the branch or they can walk. If we just look at the blue links, GO Rentals ranks in the top 3 for all airport related search queries that we are tracking. They have more reviews and a better average review score than all their competitors but cannot break into this map space.


They did previously rank in the map listing but a change around 3-4 months ago has seen them drop out. We do on-going work on the citations pointing to all locations and whilst all are not consistent in terms of the NAP, we are starting to get there and around 50% of them now display consistent information and the other 50% have slight variations but all point to the same address. This issue exists with search queries for Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown as well as Auckland but only when you add 'airport' to the search query. Otherwise, Go Rentals ranks in the top 3 for most of the search queries we are tracking such as 'car rental auckland'.


Has anyone else come across anything similar to this and is there anything we can do about it other than moving the branch inside the terminal. The reason the branch is on the outside of the terminal is to cut down on costs which are then passed on to the customer which is why GO Rentals score so well in the Google reviews. It is a frustrating situation as it has led to a fairly dramatic loss in revenue from map listings over the past 3-4 months and there appears to be little we can do. I understand that the closer you are to the 'centre' of a search query, the better chance you have of ranking, however if I was a restaurant based in Auckland, I would still expect the same opportunity to rank if I was a 10 minute walk from the pre-determined 'centre' of Auckland' or whether I was a 2 minute walk. This is where reviews, consistent NAP and overall SEO work should help to propel you into that map space, not  the small difference in distance from the centre.


Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated as this is a frustrating experience as we feel we are been punished for not been physically located in a terminal building even though the SEO on the Go Rentals site is better than competitors that are appearing in maps.


Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Airport location issue

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Community Manager
Hi Gavin,

Thanks for writing, and my apologies for the delay in my response. I cannot guarantee any results, however, I have brought this issue to the attention of our search team for investigation. Unfortunately, I am not likely to hear back from them, however, please know that they will investigate and take appropriate action (in some cases, this will be no action, however).

GMB Community Manager

Re: Airport location issue

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Hi Liz,

Many thanks for coming back to me and thanks for passing this on. Hopefully this will be something that can be resolved but I appreciate there are many factors that influence the rankings, especially with local SEO and map listings.

Thanks once again for coming back to me and let's hope something positive comes out of this for our client.