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Address and Service Area Settings

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I have a local business (carpet cleaning service) in Palm Coast, FL. I am actively involved in my Google+ Page & are familiar with SEO, etc. I have also worked really hard to accumulate 4 times the amount of reviews than my competitors.
Depending on the search query, I usually get first placement in the organic search results in my area on google which has been a big help in expanding my business over the last 3 years, but this is usually the result when the search is done close to my address, or searching "Carpet Cleaning Palm Coast"

I do not have a brick and mortar, and I currently have my business set as "I serve customers at their location within 16 miles from my address". 

The whole town is less than 20 miles or so in circumference and my address is on the north side of town. So when a search is done on the south side, other business seem to get higher placement because their address is closer to the device from which the search is being performed.

On a side note, Most of my competitors are 'service area' businesses as well, but yet google shows how many miles you are from their residential address. Some of them have their business improperly selected as a brick & mortar. I know this is listed improperly because our city has a strict prohibition against Brick & Mortar type business operating in residential neighborhoods. I have reported all the ones in violation to google maps a long time ago. 

So, I am afraid to mess with the settings as I do not want to lose first placement but was wondering if It would be beneficial for me to enter the name of the city as my service location rather than "X miles from my address" and was wondering if I am allowed to move the map marker to the center of the town in hopes that I will place at the top where the surrounding area is most densely populated with homes Thus gaining more of a presence when a search is done anywhere in town.


thanks in advance

John R.

Award Winning Carpet Cleaning

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Re: Address and Service Area Settings

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Hey John,

Changing the settings on your service area only impacts the radius that shows up on the map. It doesn't impact ranking.

Joy Hawkins, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Address and Service Area Settings

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And what about the map marker. Does it have to be exactly where your business is located, even though I serve customers at their location only, or can it be dragged into the middle of town ?