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Additional phones - Missing "Type" and not even working?

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# 1
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Under the field "Primary phone", there is a field for "Additional phones". According to the support pages, you can add up to 2 extra phone numbers  (total of 3 with the primary). 


I have added additional phones to many verified business locations - but the primary phone is the only phone that shows up when searching for the business on Google Search/Google Maps - in both mobile and desktop. 


# Question 1

Is this feature not available yet - or why does it not show up? 


Also - I am missing type of phone numberIt's really pointless to be able to list 3 different phone numbers without describing them properly. Which would my customers call? That would be confusing. Something like this would more appropriate way of listing the numbers:


General inquiries 555-01XX (Primary)
Sales 555-02XX
Billing 555-03XX


# Question 2

Is this something you (Google) is considering, or similar change?