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Add and edit Virtual Tours as Trusted Photographer

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We are a google trusted photographer from Zurich, Switzerland and got licensed after july 2016:

For the photographer, which got licensed after july 2016, google took out the editor, so we can just upload the virtual tours to our customers websites, but not to google my business. but it is necessary for us to upload them to gmb, since we sell this service.


Does anyone know, where we can edit our tours and upload them to gmb? and how google proceed further with the new photographer, is there something in planning?





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Re: Add and edit Virtual Tours as Trusted Photographer

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Hi @Marco F,

The legacy Street View editor was retired on April 16th and all photographers must now use the new publishing tools.

Google only offers the Street View app for mobile devices to publish photo spheres and connect them into virtual tours.

For Android
For iOS


Google is also testing a Street View Publish API that is made available to selected developers at this time. These are two of those companies, get in touch with them to get access to their publishing tools.




The photo spheres and tours are published to Google Maps and linked to a Local listing, there is no mechanism to publish them through Google My Business.

Please, read the Street View section of the Maps' help forum to learn more about the new system to publish photo spheres and tours to Maps.

treebles, Google My Business Top Contributor

Add and edit Virtual Tours as Trusted Photographer

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Hi Marco, 

apparently after the changes to the SVT program we are in a transitional period and many things are not really clear about virtual tour uploading and editing.
The street view editor has been discontinued and so is the forum and for the time being the only "official" tool available to upload and create connections between 360 pictures is the Street View Mobile app. Some 360 software companies are starting to release a desktop integration that allows you to publish directly to street view through the brand new Street View API. 

Here are some of them:

1) GoThru: -

2) Tourmake: 

3) Panoskin: 

4) Pano2VR: 


Basically the whole Street View Trusted program is changing completely, it is been connected to the "local guide" program and there are still a lot of bugs and missing features here and there. For example the option to create multiple floors has been announced but it is still unavailable, both on the mobile app and on those 3rd party tools I listed.


I suggest you join the website where you can access the street view trusted photographers group.


I agree with you that is counter intuitive to not allow business owners to manage their virtual tours through Google My Business but that's the way it is for now.