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Question about Unit 3 Assessment / Q4

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I am confused about the answer of Q4 as the percentage of Travel Journal is the lowest one(0.31%) in "Product Detail Views" item, but the correct answer is "Organic Basic T-shirt"(0.98%), my understanding is that the it might have potential issue with the lowest value product detail view, am I right? Or is there something I misunderstand? 






Question about Unit 3 Assessment / Q4

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Hi Bibby,


I think you are looking into the wrong column. As per the question, we have to look for products which may have potential issues with the Product-detail-page. This means that we have to look for products which receive a fair amount for 'Product-detail-views', but they do not get final unique purchases. For this, we will have to look into the 'Buy-to-detail rate' column instead, which is "(Product-Detail-Views / Unique Purchases)" 


As per the options provided in this question; 'Organic Basic T-Shirt' has the lowest buy-to-detail rate (2.44%).


This means that a total of 861 views were aggregated for this Product, where user viewed the full details for 'Organic Basic T-Shirt', but only 21 purchases were made in the end (which is the lowest rate among all other options).


We can suggest improving the 'Product-detail-page' for this product by changing the layout of the page or include some sort of promotion or discount to increase the overall sale. Hence, there is a potential issue.


Hope this makes sense Smiley Happy