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y-axis on time series doesn't show values of metric

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i can only get the data to show when it's in a bar chart, not a time series. 

i've tried changing the formats and everything i can think of. 


here's how it's set up in Sheets



here's the report from DS. 


Re: y-axis on time series doesn't show values of metric

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I think it's likely the date that's the problem. Data Studio has trouble reading dates in the format 1/1/17. Try changing them up so that it reads 20170101, then set the date type in DS as YYYYMMDD instead of YYYYMM.


Once you do that, there will be a date dimension option underneath your data source. Once you add that, it should map better on the line chart. You'll likely want to set up a calculated field in DS so that you can map the line chart by month instead of date.