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unable to get desired report

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Hi All,

I want to keep track of users logged into the website and collect information like:
1) user id.
2) date and time visited.
4) from page and to page.

currently i have created custom report to give these data and custom dimension to track these activities but i am unable to get desired report.
for example: if user A log into my website and visits page1, page2, page3 and then logs out then i want my report table to contain three rows. which metric to choose for this or all these data should be sent as custom metric?And how can we capture a string value for custom metric?

Thanking you!

Re: unable to get desired report

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Hi test,
you can not create this custom report, or better you could but you can see the data in the way you want.

To get that data you can create a custom report with these dimensions:
date hour, minute, userID country landing page, page
As metric put page views.
You don't get exactly what you want but is nearest that i can think now.

To get something similar to what you want
I Suggest you to use User Explorer report and segment on login/logout event.

It's not possible to put string a custom metric only numbers, but this is not a limitation of GA but of every web analysis software.

Re: unable to get desired report

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If I'm understanding you correctly, this can totally be done, but isn't exactly easy, as it requires either hard coding JS or injecting JS via Google Tag Manger. You'll have to pass login variables to GA as custom dimensions. Once you have that setup in GA, and on your site whether hardcoded or via GTM, then you go to Customization and create a custom report. You'll probably want Type: Explorer, then enter your desired metrics, and finally add your custom dimensions you created and drill down into them as needed. Once that's working, you can pull that data into Data Studio.I have it working in my first few hours w/ the Data Studio. One caveat, is that some adblockers can thwart your efforts b/c of the JS being used. Measuring Adblocker can also be enabled via hardcode or GTM.