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how to create a url

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Hello everyone!


I am trying to create a URL with URL builder but I am doing something wrong.


I just want to tag a link on an email to get a report of google analytics.


Someone can help me?


Thanks very much!

Re: how to create a url

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What is the link you want to tag?
Where are you getting confused with the URL builder?

Is this the page that you've been using for the URL builder ?
You only need to fill 4 of the following fields:
Website URL * Example -
Campaign Source * Example - newsletter
Campaign Medium * Example - email
Campaign Name * Example - 25% Discount promo

Re: how to create a url

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Hi, thanks for replaying!

I am using that page to create the campaign tag, but it doesn't allow me to fill the fields.

I did first with safari, and as it did not work I tried with chrome, it did not work either though.

The url I would like to tag comes from the google analytics fundamental course I am doing, and is:

Could you tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thank again!

Best wishes

Re: how to create a url

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Hi Miriam,

I'm noot sure why it's not working for you on both safari and chrome but after you fill up the fields what happens when you click on the "Generate URL?

The results should be something like this: