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events filtering in data studio

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I have a question about using multiple filters in the same report:


Say I have 5 scorecards and 5 filter boxes. To each filterbox there is a scorecard.

Each scorecard shows the total number of users with a particular event action

Each filter box shows all the labels for the particular event action


Now I want to be able to select a label in any of the filters and the numbers should be filtered out like this:

The scorecard of the event action I have selected should show the total users that fit the selection.

The other scorecards should show all users that have both the given event action(which is fixed) and all the selected events labels in other filter boxes, the labels inside an event action filter should be with OR (if we select multiple values)



A = 1000 users

B = 100 users

C = 20 users

D = 5 users

E = 1 users


Now I select in C the label C1 only, there are 5 users that have this label. Now I select C3 which has 4 users. Now C will show 9 users. Obviously A & B will not show more then 9 users because they are more inclusive then C. But D should only show the users that have C(C1 OR C3) AND D while E should show C(C1 OR C2) AND E.


Also the filtration should display accordingly. For instance when I selected C1 and C3 from C, A and B should be filter by only the events that occur in conjunction with these. In our case for A say we have 6 A3 and 2 A4 and 1 A10, only these options should be shown in the filter for A. Now if I select only A10 obviously one of the C1 labels will disappear as we only have one user filtered out that has A(A10) AND C(C1 OR C3)


Is this even possible? How would I do such a thing?


Thank you,