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Working with dates from BQ

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I believe there may have been a change in today's release that either changed or broke new BQ data source with regard to dates. I have a number of custom queries that are continuing to work correctly on refresh, but when I pull in a new custom query, I cannot get Data Studio to format the date no matter the format I pass it in as. The UI successfully asks and updates the dimension to YYYYMMDD (or variant, on copy) but when pulling it into a table, I continue to get the original string.


Right now I'm pulling my dates into Data Studio as datetime strings, specifically: YYYY-MM-DD 00:00:00 (this is what has worked for me in the past).


I have also tried YYYYMMDD, YYYY-MM-DD, and casted/not casted to a string.



Rick and team -- are you able to replicate my issue? Happy to provide more information if need be. Thanks!