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2.1K members online now
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What's new in Data Studio

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Dear Data Studio fans,


I wanted to be sure you were aware of this resource:


Lots of folks on the forum ask when a particular feature will be available. For lots of reasons I'm sure you understand, we usually can't comment on dates or plans for unreleased features. But you can be the first kid on the block to learn about new features as they are released by visiting the What's new in Data Studio Help Center article.


Share and enjoy!


The Data Studio doc team

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What's new in Data Studio

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We understand, but if you guys add a feature request vote, it will make our life easier and yours too, data studio is a new product, we need some kind of visibility, and we need to know, if it is a general purpose BI solution, or it is specific to marketing.


So assuming it is a BI solution, is there a plan to introduce some kind of calculated metrics, is there a plan for the support of joining multiple data source, or we need to do at the data source, what about cross chart filter.


I am not suggesting that all those feature are required, but it is important to know, so we can see if it is the right tool for some use cases.




What's new in Data Studio

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Hi Rick,


And I total agree with @Mimoune and while I can't speak for all the folks here, but but I do think I am not alone in what having the same thoughts which I am going to share below.


With Data Studio being a new product and many of us are current in a stage of evaluating if Data Studio can meet our company's requirements.


I was told by some colleagues that Google is also "promoting" the use of data studio to some of our clients whom have direct relationship with Google. And to me is fantastic news as I would interpret this as the product is here to stay.


But would that be enough for those of us whom need to justify using this product to our bosses?


We know development timeline and release date are never set in stone and we all know that the product is in Beta, but if we at least know what are the most requested features and which are those Google are working on, it would be much easier for us to justify to our bosses and to contribute to the development to this product.


Imagine the Google team being able to really see what people are using the tools for and what is the critical show stoppers that is needed for this product to work and the "testers" aka us, being able to know say, when we could see something that is important to our work (even if is estimated target). I think is a win-win for both side so please do discuss with your team and hopefully create a feature request vote so we can contribute too.


I might be wrong, but isn't support and adoption by people like us with a data need, what this product needs at this moment to help move the development of this product along.


Thanks for giving us a great tool which hopefully will be even better as more features comes along.