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Weekly count of metric per user

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I'm trying to create a Data Studio report for counting some weekly data.



Our app is a fitness workout app, and I want to know the counts of "workouts per user per week".


Everything I try either doesn't display the results I want, or I get "System error" issues.


I have connected a BigQuery table of workout_logs that has a created_on Date property with values such as '2016-07-13 14:42:26'.


For a given week the data would show something like this:


1 workout: 1,000 users

2 workouts: 200 users

3 workouts: 30 users

5 workouts: 10 users


(zero users had 4 workouts, just for example)


How should I set this up?


It seemed like a pie chart or table might be good, but I couldn't get the Dimension correct. I tried using YEARWEEK(), and just setting the data type as ISO Week, and several other things.